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PUBG is making a comeback in India: What’s new

PUBG was banned in India back in September along with 116 other Chinese apps by the Indian Government. On Thursday PUBG Corporation said it was ready to make a comeback into the Indian market with an investment of $100 million (approximately 746 crores) together with the parent company Krafton Inc. and specifically catered to the Indian fans along with e-sports, IT industries, and entertainment categories alongside local video games and create employment of 200+ jobs in the country.

The company also ensured that users’ data and privacy will be respected and there would be regular audits and check-throughs to safeguard the data from being misused or stolen.

The company took to social media platforms that the newly developed game will be “Coming soon” but did not mention any particular dates.

PUBG corporation had announced in an earlier statement that it will no longer support its franchise Shenzhen-based Tencent Games in India and that the game will not be available from October 30, nonetheless, it was still supported to users that had already installed the game on their devices both android and iOS in the country.

India rose to be the largest market for the PUBG in comparison to all its markets and the company had lost a major share of users when The Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MEITY) banned it.

MEITY has not yet commented on granting access to PUBG in India and has remained nonchalant.

The company’s recent partnership with Microsoft to move all data to Azure, to make it more secure indirectly hinted at a comeback among ardent PUBG fans.

The company also announced that there will be major updates in the gaming effects like virtual ground simulation, green hit effects, new characters and skins and restrict features for younger players to reflect the local needs.

The gaming company has instilled joy in the Indian users with the announcement of this new update.

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