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Google updates two-step verification, makes OTP optional

Google last year launched two-step verification process to improve account security for Google users. The process is useful and secure, however, not the most convenient one. Now Google has updated the feature by adding a prompt option, which makes the two-step verification feature easier to use.


Unlike earlier where user had to check the OTP sent on their phone and then type it in the browser, the updated feature now will ask the user “Are you trying to sign-in?” along with details of the device that is trying to access the concerned account.

The prompt will also show the device’s location from where the account access request has been sent.

The prompt will give the user two options- No, deny sign-in and Yes, allow sign-in. Google said that the option will start appearing in the My Account page from Monday. The earlier options like confirmation mail, confirmation SMS, and security key will still be there.


The prompt option has been unveiled for both Android and iOS users, however, the iOS users will need to install the Google Search app in their phones.

The options can be accessed in the Google app from My Account > Sign-in & Security > Signing in to Google > 2-Step Verification.

Google has recently updated its My Account page. It now makes it easier to manage security and privacy. The users are now able to check and control what a simple Google search of their name shows.

Google also launched “Find your phone” service, which can be accessed directly from the My Account page. Earlier the service could be accessed from Android Device Manager and was restricted to Android phones only. Now even iOS users can make use of the feature.


Source: Indian Express

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