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Google maps comes up with a new feature for travel freaks

Google maps post-pandemic has gone through some major updates especially the COVID-19 layer update which showcases the 7-day average for the number of new cases per 100,000 people. It also indicates whether cases are increasing or decreasing through 6 different coloured layers.

Another update is here to all the android users looking for a travel down the memory lane.

Google Maps will now be having a new section added to its timeline. The new section called the Trips section will be added to the app in an update which will collectively show the users what moments of their days from their past travels looked like through videos and images.

You can now see your travel history, places and memories and edit timeline from the Google maps app.

This new tab on the timeline in Google Maps will be an indicator of the areas you might have been in or travelled to and the routes you may have taken, mostly located in your area. All data including your method of transportation and total distance covered in that particular trip will be displayed in the app.

This new update will allow the users to reminisce about their past trips including how long in kilometres they have travelled and a quick gist of their previous travels, also showing the hotels, eateries that they visited during that particular trip. To enable this you might be required to confirm your presence and travel to these places in a section in the Gmail app.

The feature will first roll out through the company’s maps mobile application version 9.12.5 and be available to all users.

You can see your picture from Google photos popping up along the timeline to the corresponding events. It also allows you to add and remove photos and delete an event or location history.

As fun as it sounds, it is also easy to control the settings for each of these like pausing the location history to prevent the app from showing pictures from that day and so on. Now we’re all set for a new trip to see how it turns out in the app.

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